The Ausar Auset Society International is a Pan-African religious organization that has been providing Afrocentric based spiritual training to the African-American community and to African descendants in the Diaspora, as well as a social vehicle that allows for the expression of the spiritual values learned, for over 30 years. Based on the indigenous traditional African cultures dating from the earliest documentable periods (Kamit [ancient Egypt], Indus Kush [pre-Aryan Vedantic India], Canaan [Palestine], and Kush/Nubia [Ethiopia/Sudan]), the classes taught revolve around the oldest religion known to mankind – the Ausarian religion of ancient Kamit. The Kamitic Tree of Life (Paut Neteru) forms the basis of the cosmogony (philosophy) of this ancient system. It reunites the traditions of the great Black founders of civilization, allowing us to weave their knowledge into a spiritually empowering way of life which aims at the awakening of the Ausar principle (the Divine Self) within each being. The classes taught are merely a means toward the end of organizing the society’s members into a community in which the ageless wisdom of ancient African cultures can be lived on an on-going daily basis. For a people to grow spiritually, and hence, come harmoniously and productively together, they must encounter the spiritualizing forces, not in the halls of education or between the pages of books, but at every turn of their day to day interaction with life and with each other.

The Ausar Auset Society functions as an international body that teaches Kamitic philosophy (cosmology), meditation and ritual, oracle consultation, yoga, nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, astrology, African history/culture, and other disciplines to students/initiates around the world for the purpose of developing a more complete, well-rounded spiritual individual.

Founded in 1973 by His Excellency, Shekhem Ur Shekhem (King) and Ashem Ur Ashemu (High Priest), Ra Un Nefer Amen 1, the Ausar Auset Society is headquartered in New York City with branches in several major cities of the USA, as well as in London, Toronto, Ghana, South Africa, Trinidad and Bermuda. The Ausar Auset Society has based its government on the traditional African Kingship structure which has been officially recognized by the Asantehene (King of the Ashantis) of Ghana. This system is built around a hierarchally organized group of officials whose titles include King, Queen Mother, Priest(ess), Chief(tess) and Elder. One of the main differences between the traditional African Kingship and its European counterpart is that the King had to also qualify as the Chief Priest. This ensured that the leader of the people was a highly spiritually trained person of impeccable character. It is principally this criteria that enabled traditional African nations to maintain greater social stability than their western counterparts over a long period of time.

Each Ausar Auset Society Hesp (Nome/Region) is organized under the leadership of either a Paramount King, Paramount Queen Mother, or Chief(tess) that has his/her own hierarchy of officials and complete autonomy over their respective region.

The Ausarian religious system, which is also the oldest (cir. 3000 BC - 300 AD), has at its essence, the establishment of an intimate relationship with God. It's fundamental tenet holds that God and Man (men and women) share the same divine attributes qualitatively (though not quantitatively). Thus unlike the Judeo-Christian system and other such religions in which man is essentially bound to the frailties of the flesh and is incapable of transcending his/her human limitations, the Ausarian religion is fundamentally based upon the individual's effort to use each and every life experience as a means of bringing his/her divine attributes to the forefront of existence as the "normal" way of addressing all issues in life. Hence, there is no "salvation" after a life of debauchery and mistreatment of others simply through forgiveness of one's sins when death approaches. One must live by Maat (Divine Law) while interacting on this physical plane, thus making one's body, and even one's life, a fit vessel through which God's divine attributes can be of service to all creation all over the world. Unlike the Western belief of a world full of chance and coincidence, Africans understand that the Divine intelligence is ever present and actively ordering the events of our lives. This Divine intelligence speaks to us through the pronouncements of the great Oracle of Tehuti (i.e., Metu Neter Oracle, I-Ching), enabling the devotee to ask a question of God and receive a clear answer before embarking on a potentially life altering decision.

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